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and Chloe Standard, Inc. have begun the process of providing microchip scanners to the community

After the 2009 entrance of Chloe Standard, Inc. as a Silicon Valley start-up company focused on fixing existing pet microchip issues, discussions following their mission continue to grow: Their early press release announced that a primary component of fixing the microchip issue is to make scanners available directly to the public. In response to public demand, the company has decided to shorten their originally proposed moving time line.

"The time line to provide highly anticipated 'Public Access to Microchip Scanners' has been moved up to the mid-point of 2010," says Chloe Standard, Inc. CEO and founder, Olivia Sadlowski. "The public response continues to make us aware that there is a lot of people who need this - and the sooner the better if it can help even one lost pet make it home."

Chloe Standard, Inc. is continuing to work with the Bay Area shelters and the local rescue group community. Ensuring that the new microchip tool will build on their existing efforts to help pets in need is the utmost concern for the company.

"Shelters are the back-bone of helping pets in need. They are the most recognized entities in pet reunification in communities and therefore it is important that we work collaboratively with them. We must bring them a solution that will make their work easier, not harder," Sadlowski says.

"Thank you for opening my eyes to checking my microchip. Thanks a million and my animals thank you too."

Cat & Dog Owner - New Kensington, PA

"I would think that being able to check the microchip locally would be a GREAT IDEA!"
Cat & Dog Owner - Hilo, Hawaii

"When I lost my cat I went into a sort of panic. I realized that if someone found him and didn't get the chip checked I might never get him back. Thanks for the great work you are doing!"
Cat & Dog Owner - Riverside, California

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